Symposium 2015


Distant Reading and the Islamic Archive

Each year, the number of digitized books, inscriptions, images, documents, and other artifacts from the Islamic world continues to grow. As this archive expands, so too does the repertoire of digital tools for navigating and interpreting its diffuse and varied contents. Drawing upon such tools as topic modeling, context-based search, social network maps, and text reuse algorithms, the study of large-scale archives and textual corpora is undergoing significant and exciting developments.

The Middle East Studies program at Brown University is pleased to announce the third annual gathering of the Digital Islamic Humanities Project, to be held at the Joukowsky Forum on Friday, October 16, 2015, a symposium on the topic of “Distant Reading and the Islamic Archive.” A collection of abstracts from previous events may be found on this website along with recorded webcasts, a list of digital resources, and announcements for related events.

This symposium is generously funded by the Brown University Humanities Research & Teaching Fund.

Recording of the event

Session 1 | Session 2 Session 3 | Session 4

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